Archived Webinars

Archived Webinars

Title: Culture and Compliance in the Electronic Workplace
June 23, 2011

As we know, potential legal issues surrounding the electronic workplace are numerous. However, work must go on and legal policies and practices must fit into your company's culture. How do you adopt and interpret legal safeguards while remaining true to your corporate culture? Please join us for a lively discussion on this very topic and learn form others how they have made culture and compliance work to their advantage. 

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Duration 01:30:00

Title: Legal Considerations in the Electronic Workplace
June 9, 2011

Robert Gregg, Employment Law Attorney

This program covered: 

  • The growth of technology and law
  • Accommodations
    • Enabling technology
    • Work from home
  • Wages and hours
  • Electronic discovery
  • Harassment
  • Confidentiality and security
  • Social networking
  • Best practices

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Duration: 01:30:00

Title: Confidentiality of Medical Information in the Workplace
March 17, 2011

Jennifer S. Mirus, partner in the Labor and Employment and Banking Law Practice Groups at the Boardman Law Firm in Madison, Wisconsin. 

This webinar will review confidentiality requirements of various employment laws including the ADA, FMLA, HIPPA and the newest requirements under the Genetic Information Non Discrimination Act (GINA II). We will identify high risk areas of violating confidentiality requirements and will touch on best practices to help employers ensure they are complying with the law. 

Listeners will learn:

  • Legal requirements for storage and use of medical information
  • The most common ways confidentiality is violated in the workplace
  • Practical pointers for preventing innocent chats from turning into legal issues
  • Critical steps to avoiding problems under GINA II

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Duration: 01:15:29

Title: Providing a Culture of Accommodation
November 18th, 2010

Erin Ott, Senior Employee Relations Specialist at WPS Health Insurance
Diana Cook, Employee Relations Specialist at American Family Insurance
Chris Halverson, Director of Risk Management Services at M3 Insurance
Clara Hurd Nydam, President of Career Momentum, Inc.
Bob Gregg, Attorney at Boardman, Suhr, Curry & Field, LLP

Webinar for Wisconsin businesses and HR professionals on job accommodations and disability in the workplace with regards to:

  • How to foster a culture of inclusion and flexibility
  • Accommodating workers' needs and wishes while balancing those with the needs of the business
  • Employer panel discussion
  • Gain knowledge and insight on how to more broadly adopt a culture of accommodation and help everyone win

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Duration: 00:59:11

Title: Integrating Returning Vets into your Workplace
AUGUST 19th, 2010

Robin Jones, Director -Great Lakes Disability TAC

Webinar for Wisconsin businesses and HR professionals on job accommodations and disability in the workplace with regards to integrating returning vets into your workplace.

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Duration: 1:14:22

Title: Is it Job Performance, Or is it Disability?
JUNE 17th, 2010

Robin Jones, Director -Great Lakes Disability TAC

In this webinar, Robin Jones gives resources on how to correctly deal with conduct problems in the workplace.

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Duration: 1:18:28

Title: Pre-Employment Testing in the Workplace
March 4th, 2010

Robert Gregg, Employment Law Attorney

Overview of how employers can appropriately implement alcohol and drug abuse testing of their employees.

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Duration: 1:02:22