Using Concept Maps for Training and in the Classroom

Using Project-based Learning for Training and in the Classroom

Using TED Talks for Training and in the Classroom

Using Social Media for Professional Development

Making Group Projects Work

Teaching Coding and Computational Thinking

Our Instructors' Favorite Tech Tools for Creating Instructional Materials

Our Instructors' Favorite Time-saving Tech Tools

Eportfolios and Alternative Resumes


Peer Assessment and Review

Can You Spot Fake News? Critical Evaluation of Information

Curation Tips: Rating and Sorting Content

The Basics and Benefits of Visual Note Taking

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Getting the Graphics You Need

Find Instructional Design Job Opportunities

Create and Assess Infographics

Land a Job Teaching Online

Best Educational Apps

Game On! Explore Games and Learning

Using Polls and Surveys to Collect Feedback


Screen Capture Applications

Making the Most of LinkedIn

How to Control Your Digital Reputation

How to Solve Password Stress

What is the Maker Movement

Why a Growth Mindset Matters

Why Content Curation is Essential

Cloud-based Collaboration Tools

Ed Tech Trends in 2015

Assessing Collaboration, Teamwork and Online Discussion - Rubric Examples


Designing Thought-Provoking Online Discussions

Incorporating Universal Design Learning Activities

Closed-Captioning for PowerPoint, YouTube, and Vimeo

Leveraging Apps and Mobile Tools for Learning

Creating Effective Audio Feedback

Our Favorite Blogs for Teaching and Training

Tips and Policies to Support Safe Social Media Use

Creating Collaborative Learning Experiences with VoiceThread

Designing Outstanding Rubrics

Plagiarism-Proofing Your Assignments and Teaching Paraphrasing


Benefits of Using LiveBinders

Creating and Using E-Books for Teaching and Training

Digital and Open Badges for Teaching and Training

Social Media and Your Professional Digital Reputation

Evernote Tips for Project Management, Organization, and Assessment

Teaching with Blogs for Learning and Assessment

Using Digital Feedback to Improve Learner Motivation

Time-saving Tech Tips for Saving Passwords, Naming Files, and Collaborating via Polls and Interactive Whiteboards



"Snack Learning" and Other Mobile Learning Trends and Predictions

Assessing and Facilitating Collaborative and Team-Based Learning

Developing Plagiarism-Proof Assignments and Assessments

Web-based Video Resources for the Flipped Classroom

Top Web Tools for Creating and Curating Videos

Teaching in a Flipped Classroom


Evaluating the Best Educational Apps

iTunes U

Top eBook and ePublishing Tips

Why Learners Should Know How to Blog


Dates for Online Courses

List of Dates for Online Classes



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