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Teacher-Created Graphic Organizers

The following projects are examples of how teachers are using graphic organizers with multiple curricular areas as webs, idea maps, mind maps, concept maps, graphic organizers, story maps, process flows, advanced organizers and other diagrams to facilitate learning and instruction.

50 Uses of Graphic Organizers

Rubric for Graphic Organizers

To view the projects at full size, roll the mouse over the lower right corner of the opened diagram so that the Zoom icon (box with blue arrows pointing outward) appears; then click on that icon to enlarge the diagram.

Examples of Graphic Organizers

The Life of Bees
Alison Chouinard

Botany Unit Organizer
Tamera Urberg

Parts of Speech
Tamera Urberg

Third Grade Country Research Using the Big 6 Skills
Julie Straub

Writing Personal Narratives
Cynthia Schillaci

Choosing a Pet
Jane Donahue

Cyberbullying Unit
Carolyn Sauer

Parts of the Digestive System
Karen Grunder

Consonant Phonemes
Georgene LeuKunze

Teaching Prepositions of Spatial Relationships
Jennifer Gilbeck

Our New Spelling and Vocabulary Words
Anne Campbell

Writing Complete Sentences
Deb Kretschmer

INFOhio Resources
Jill Skinner

Janet Horan

Teaching the Big 6 Problem-Solving Method
Karen Anderson

How My Lungs Exchange Air
Mary Ann Kadish

How To Make a Venn Diagram To Compare Countries
Mary Ann Kadish

9th Grade Biology: Disease Project
Karen Anderson

Geology Unit
Amy Hansen

World War II: Diverse Perspectives
Mary Bertholf

Art History Highlights
Christine Kelly

When We Use Fractions, Decimals and Percents
Susie Weitzman-Trifman

Ways To Earn a Time-Out
Lannette Christmann

Revolutionary War
Marisa Miranda

Great Depression
Alice Kurtz

6 Traits of Writing
Brenda Huff

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