EDUC 661 Advanced Trends and Issues in PK-5 Mathematics Teaching

Online Course
3 semester hours graduate credit
Instructor: Sara Turansky

Tuition: $441 per semester hour graduate credit ($1,323 per course)

Fall: October 15 - December 14, 2018
Tuition Due: October 10, 2018

Spring: February 25 -  April 26, 2019
Tuition Due - February 27, 2019

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Reserve your spot now. This course is very popular, and courses fill well before the start date. This course is offered three times each year (spring, summer, and fall).

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If you’re feeling anxious about teaching math, this course will help you develop a math mindset as a teacher and share this enthusiasm and confidence with your students.

You Will Learn

  • Math interventions to help students who struggle to learn mathematics
  • Instructional technology and apps that will have a positive impact on learning

Course Description

Research, issues and problems related to teaching PK-5 mathematics, including problem-based learning, curricular decision-making, diagnosis and remediation, and building assessment into instruction.

e-Textbooks are included in the tuition fee.

You may open the e-books to read online from your laptop or desktop. 

  • Boaler, Jo. (2016). Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students' Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching 1st Edition. Jossey Bass Wiley. ISBN: 978-0-470-89452-1
  • Van de Walle, J., Lovin, L.A. (2014). Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics: Developmentally Appropriate Instruction for Grades Pre-K-2 (Volume I) 2nd Edition. Pearson.ISBN-13: 978-0132824828
  • Van de Walle, J., Karp, K., Lovin, L., and Bay-Williams, J. (2014). Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics: Developmentally Appropriate Instruction for Grades 3-5 (Volume II) 2nd Edition. Pearson. ISBN-13: 9780132824873

If you prefer to read a hard copy of the textbook, instead of reading via your computer or tablet, you may purchase the book from or the publisher. Note the ISBN number and edition.

Our Students Include

  • Elementary educators
  • Title I math teachers
  • Special education teachers
  • Math coaches
  • Mathematics resource teachers
  • Math interventionists

Enroll in this course to meet your goals for

  • professional development
  • continuing education refresher course
  • graduate credits/electives
  • license renewal
  • transfer the credit to another university

This is one of the required courses for individuals pursuing the Math Specialist Certificate.

This course is an approved elective in the Master of Science in Education online degree program.

No travel to campus - 100% Online

  • Participate 24/7 from your home or work computer during hours that are best for your work and family schedule.
  • The class is highly interactive with a significant discussion component.
  • All discussion postings, projects, and assignments will be submitted via the course discussion board and Dropbox.
  • Activities are conducted according to a schedule with specific due dates each week.
  • There are no required "live" chat sessions.
  • This is not a self-paced class.

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