Early Career Profiles: Carrie Ruda

Recent bachelors-level graduates in the mathematical sciences

Alumni - Carrie Ruda

  • Carrie Ruda
  • UW- Stout, Applied Math and Computer Science
  • Programmer
  • Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc.
  • Loan Services

My first job as a programmer was as an intern for Marshfield Clinic.   This was a great place to get experience.   The second internship I had was here, at Great Lakes, which became my current job. I work on the E-Commerce team for the IS Development. Most of my time is spent making enhancements to the Great Lakes website.   I have had this job for 2 years now and enjoy it very much.

The enhancements I make to the websites are usually adding a new feature, such as reporting tools or connecting to other applications that the company develops.   I work basically in java and JavaScript, but do some XML and Web Focus.   Mathematics is not used in my job directly but the analysis and problem solving skills I learned in math classes are always being used. 

Skills that help me in my job include: being organized, being able to multi task, and always people skills.   Technical writing skills have also come in very handy.   Before projects can be code there are my documents such as an impact and process document that have to be written and approved.   Being able to covey technical things in none technical terms to clients is becoming more and more important in my job. Skills that I use in the technical side of my job are being able to debug a problem quickly and be thorough when testing code.

Mathematics is a great resource to have out in the real world. Even if I don't directly     use all the things that I learned, the ideas and concepts are still with me.

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