Math Teaching and Learning Center

The Math TLC is where UW-Stout students learn basic math skills in a people-oriented, technology-enhanced environment. Teachers start daily classroom sessions with a short lecture, then students begin online homework assignments with help from teachers and specially trained peer tutors.

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by Eknolege Maddnyce, aka Marvin Ealy 

Graduate of Math 10 and Math 90



Course materials for on-campus courses:
Math 10           Math 90


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Tutoring for on-campus Math 10/90:


Math TLC Highlights

UW-Stout Math TLC Program Featured in U.S. Dept. of Ed FIPSE Newsletter

The work of the UW-Stout Math TLC was supported by the U.S. Department of Education FIPSE grant # P116B060111 from 2006-2010.The 4-year, $450,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education via the Fund for the Improvement for Post-Secondary Education (FIPSE) program funded the development of a series of workshops to foster adoption and adaptation of the approach by other universities and colleges. The workshops were held on the UW-Stout campus and have been attended by 45 educators and administrators from 30 institutions in 12 states. Materials developed for the workshops are available for use free of charge at the button on the left titled course redesign resources.