Three-Year Graduation Guarantee

UW-Stout offers a three-year degree graduation guarantee for students enrolled in:

The three-year graduation guarantee provides our students with the opportunity to:

  • Get the classes needed, when needed
  • Receive priority registration status
  • Finish the degree and enter the workforce or move on to graduate school sooner
  • Save a significant amount of money on living expenses
  • Experience college on the fast track – co-ops and internships are included as well
  • Study abroad
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree with 120 credits.

If you think a three-year degree is right for you, contact the program director of your intended major listed above for more information. Review, complete, and submit the three-year graduation guarantee.

Download the Three-year Graduation Guarantee brochure here.


 Sadie Larson

“Earning my degree from UW-Stout in three years has given me a tremendous competitive advantage. With the money I saved on living expenses, I was able to further my education and use the money on graduate school. I will have completed both of my master’s degrees from UW-Stout by the age of 24 and I will be ready to enter the workforce with an undergraduate and two graduate degrees.”

Sadie Larson

: Phillips, Wis.
Undergraduate degree: Psychology
Minor: Human Resource Management
Graduate Studies: M.S. in Applied Psychology and M.S. in Training and Human Resource Development