Role of the Program Director

  • convene and chair meetings
  • apprise committee of program status
  • consult the committee on short- and long-range goals and projections for the program
  • recommend and present proposed changes for college divisional curricular process
  • furnish meeting minutes to the college dean
  • recommend committee membership for approval by the dean of the college responsible for the program
  • notify committee members of appointments

Composition of the Committee

  • membership should include
    • faculty and academic staff from across colleges
    • students
    • alumni
    • employers
    • ex-officio representatives from Student Services, Enrollment Services
    • other administrative support, as needed
  • one-year appointments are effective at the beginning of the academic year; appointments are renewable.
  • membership is announced at the beginning of each school year by the appropriate academic dean

Function of the Committee

  • recommend curricular changes to the college and division
  • advise and assist on matters such as
    • curriculum
    • student advisement
    • program assessment and review
    • student needs projections
    • placement prediction and job market outlook
  • meet once each semester or more frequently as needed

List of program committees