Late Payment Fee

A late payment charge of $75.00 will be assessed to the students University account if full payment is not received by the due date. Specific dates can be found here.
A Students failure to drop a class in the permitted time frame will be charged for the class.
**Weekends are included when counting dates**

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Withdrawal Fee

If you withdraw from the university, you will be charged a fee of $50 for a first-week withdrawal and $100 for any withdrawal during the second week.

If you leave the university without officially withdrawing as per university regulations, you will be charged the full 100% of tuition and fees due to the university.  If you are able to document that you have not attended the course(s) for which you registered ( non-attendance),  you will be assessed 20% of the original fees due, reduced to resident rates, and any late fees or finance charges.

Refund Schedule for Withdrawals and Drops

Refunds for fees paid are prorated according to the length of the course and the number of weeks a course  has been session.  When a student withdraws, depending on how much time has lapsed in the semester will determine if a refund is owed to the student and how much. LAB FEES ARE REFUNDABLE THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF THE TERM ONLY.

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Repayment of Financial Aid if You Withdraw

If you withdraw from the University before 60 percent of the semester has been completed, the University is required to determine the amount of your Federal Financial Aid (other than work-study) that must be returned.  The amount of aid you may keep when you withdraw is in direct proportion to the length of time you remained enrolled during the semester.  You may owe a repayment of your Financial Aid even though you are not eligible for a refund of your tuition. The University will notify you of the dollar amount owed.

*Even if you do not complete the formal withdrawal process and just stop attending class, these rules apply and you will be billed for any balance due and any financial aid repayment required.

Refund for Overpayment of Tuition

All refunds for overpayment of tuition will be returned  through the student  choose the way you wish to receive your refund(s) please go to

 ***Authorized Users are unable to set up eRefund accounts***

 Subsequent changes made to the course schedule will likely  result in additional charges or refunds. Any refunds that occur as a result of schedule changes will automatically be sent to your eRefund account.

If you choose to withdraw please complete the exit survey here 


Click on eRefunds, log in and register for direct deposit electronic refunds!
It's an Easy, Quick and Secure way to receive your refunds directly into your bank account.

Approximately 3-5 business days into your bank account once processed

Refund Schedule

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$15.00 Fee for dropping any course after the initial online drop period