The following are laptop fees in accordance to the e-Stout Laptop Computer Agreement

Laptop Damage Fee

If the computer is found to be damaged during inspection by a University authorized repair technician, the university may charge the student a $50.00 fee for the first incident of damage and incrementally escalating $50.00 fee for each subsequent incident of damage.  (50.00 for the first incident, $100.00 for the second incident, $150.00 for the third incident, etc...)  These amounts will be added to the students University account.

Laptop Accessory Fee

If accessories are missing when the student returns the laptop to the University, the student will be charged for full replacement cost of each missing accessory.

Laptop Stolen/Lost Fee

The University may bill the student for the replacement costs of the laptop and accessories if the student fails to report theft or loss of the laptop within 48 hours of the occurrence.  In cases of theft or loss, the student may also be responsible for a $400.00 fee.

Non-Compliance Fee

In the event that the student does not return the computer within stated time frames, the University may, at it's discretion, place a hold on the student's University records, bill the student for the replacement cost of the computer, and/or charge the student a $400.00 fee, or file a loss of claim with the University's insurance company which would initiate repossession or police investigative action.

All charges for laptop damages or fees will be added to the student's University account.