Finding Jobs in E-Learning and Instructional Design

How to find jobs in e-learning and instructional design whether you are thinking about switching careers, seeking part-time employment, or looking for a position to supplement retirement income

Where to Find Instructional Design Job Listings and Hiring Trends
Our online University of Wisconsin-Stout Instructional Design Career website provides instructional design job search strategies, networking tips, resume and eportfolio suggestions, volunteer opportunities and freelancing advice.

Where and How to Find Online Teaching Jobs
Dennis O’Connor explains the “power triangle” for e-learning career success: subject matter expertise, 21st century networking and e-learning/teaching experience.

Proven Strategies for Finding Online Teaching Work
Dennis O’Connor believes you should be prepared, professional, and persistent in your job search. Included are links to web sites that list online teaching jobs.

Get an E-Learning Job with These Simple Tips
Tom Kuhlmann provides his top insider tips on getting an e-learning job including: get educated, keep learning, develop a portfolio, and volunteer or intern.

Freelance Instructional Design: More Tips from the Trenches
Christy Tucker has gathered some very practical tips from her professional network about how to succeed at freelance instructional design.

Getting a Job as an Instructional Designer
Cammy Bean has provided responses to the most commonly-asked questions she receives about how to break into the instructional design field.

Finding an Instructional Design Job (MP3 file)
Susan Manning and Dan Balzer interview instructional designer Hadiya Nurridin who shares her insights on finding a job in instructional design, including critical skills to have on your resume.

So You Want to Be an E-Learning Consultant
Harold Jarche explains the pro’s and con’s of life as an e-learning consultant.

Tech Tip: 5 Easy Ways to Download and Convert Online Videos

Yaara Lancet describes 5 web apps which will convert online video files into common formats such as MP3, WMV, and AVI. Step-by-step instructions are provided for using: Xenra, ClipConverter, ConvertVideotoAudio, KeepTube and Freemake.

Meet Our Online Teaching Certificate Program Advisor


“As the program advisor, I facilitate the first and last course in our Elearning and Online Teaching Certificate program. In addition to actively teaching online, one of my roles is to help our students learn to strategically search for e-job opportunities. Our courses help educators expand their career options by actively applying online teaching methods in a hands-on environment.

After 25 years in traditional classrooms, the chance to work online transformed and liberated what I love to do most: teach. I'm here to help other teachers discover a very powerful way to be a 21st century educator." ~ Dennis O'Connor

Meet Our Instructional Design Certificate Program Advisor


"The Instructional Design (ID) Certificate is meant to give participants the skills, knowledge, and abilities to get started in the highly available career field. As the program advisor and designer of this certificate program, two of my main goals were to:

  • Design a learning experience and series of courses that offer participants the opportunity to learn the skills needed to enter into the Instructional Design field as competitive professionals.

  • Provide the opportunity for people worldwide to come together over a topic of common interest in a safe learning environment which promotes a global understanding of Instructional Design.

I thoroughly enjoy the interactions with our participants before, during, and after the ID courses. This field attracts such a diverse audience from different fields, cultures, stages of career professional experiences, and formal educational backgrounds. This provides for both a great learning environment and networking opportunities.

As an ID, your instruction has the opportunity, like a domino, to affect many participants and that can be extremely intrinsically rewarding work. I invite you to investigate the opportunities in the ID field."
~ Nicholle Stone


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