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Not every student/employee needs a vehicle. There are other options, to travel home or to other cities. UW-Stout is a compact campus and Menomonie is a small community. It is relatively convenient to get around within the community and campus area. 

Faculty/Staff Incentives:  Incentives available to faculty/staff who carpool to campus are noted below.


Program Qualification

  • At this time the program is restricted to faculty and staff employees
  • A carpool is comprised of a minimum of two employees who regularly share the commute to campus.
  • The group of carpoolers must share a single parking permit.
  • Carpoolers must live on the same "route" to campus.
  • Please note that faculty and staff may use the university rideshare to link up with others who may be interested in carpooling.  The rideshare may be used to either request riders or express an interest in riding with another.

Program Incentives

  • A shared carpool commuter permit is discounted by 50%; reserved permits $100 discount.
    • Payroll deduction payment must be split equally amongst the carpoolers
  • Courtesy/discounted permits for days when riders drive separately
    • Eight courtesy day-permits per semester per rider
    • Discounted daily permits after the eight courtesy permits
    • Discounted weekly permits during school break periods


  • Contact Parking Services at to express interest or ask for more information.
  • Parking Services will follow up to contact each carpooler.
  • Each member of the carpool group must fill out the registration form to be eligible for the program.


Your vehicle is a moped if it is licensed as a moped.  If so, "MOPED" will be printed on your Wisconsin license plate (or equivalent designation in another state).

  • Moped users must purchase and display a valid permit from Parking Services.
  • Mopeds must park in the parking areas listed below.  Mopeds are not permitted to park in bicycle storage areas near academic buildings.
  • Mopeds may park in bicycle storage areas directly adjacent to residence halls.
  • Caution:  Mopeds cannot be operated on a pedestrian walkway or campus bike route. Operation of a motor vehicle on a walkway is a violation of both university regulations and state traffic laws.
  • More info ...

Moped Permit Cost

Mopeds must display a campus moped permit.  The permit costs $15/yr and is available from Parking Services

Mopeds - Where to park:

  • A designated motorcycle pad in a parking lot (see locations below)
  • A designated moped only pad/area (see locations below)
  • A bicycle rack ONLY near a residence hall


     Motorcycle pads:
  • Lot 1 (east of Fryklund Hall)
  • Lot 10 (north of Heritage Hall)
  • Lot 18 (east of Jarvis Hall)
  • Lot 29 (south of Applied Arts Building)
  • Lot 4 (west of the Sports & Fitness Center) - allows overnight parking
  • Lot 27 (south of the General Services Building) - allows overnight parking
  • Lot 30 (north of the University Services Building)
  • Lot 14 (near Bowman Hall / Millennium Hall)
  • Lot 21 (near Student Health Services) - allows overnight parking
  • Lot 32 (north of Red Cedar Hall) - allows overnight parking

    Moped-only pads:
  • South of Bowman Hall
  • Lot 14 (spaces south of Millennium Hall near Voc Rehab)
  • Near the Swanson Learning Center  - 10th Ave entrance (south side of the concrete bollards - not on the sidewalk)
  • Near Lot 18 (west and south curbs)
  • North of Lot 3 (north campus off 2nd Street West) - allows overnight parking

      Moped Parking Areas Near Residence Halls:

  • In bike areas directly adjacent to residence halls
  • Mopeds cannot be operated on sidewalks to access bike parking areas

Relevant laws:

  • Wisconsin registered mopeds must conform to the equipment specifications identified in 340.01(29m), Wisconsin State Statutes.
  • For those students who own moped licensed in the state of Minnesota the primary law that addresses moped/motorized bicycle usage is Minnesota State Statute 169.223. Mopeds/motorized bicycles are defined in Minnesota State Statute 169.01, Subd. 4a
  • The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has a booklet on scooter safety at this link:
  • Moped riders may not carry passengers
  • Moped riders must wear eye protection at all times
  • Mopeds cannot be operated on a sidewalk at any time.
  • Mopeds must be registered and display license plates

Contact Us

UW-Stout Parking Services
110 University Services Building
817 South Broadway
Menomonie, WI 54751
M-F 7:45 a.m. - 4:25 p.m.
P (715) 232-1792
F (715) 232-1142

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Summer Bus Routes

The on-campus StoutRoute does not operate during the summer.

The City bus route does operate during the summer.  Schedule here.