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Students need to know some types of behaviors may be deemed incompatible with membership in the University community and therefore may result in disciplinary sanctions which may include suspension or expulsion from the University of Wisconsin System. Mainly, the type of conduct that rises to the level of non-academic misconduct as defined in UWS Chapter 17 can be described as conduct that harms self or others.  The list below, while not exhaustive, gives some general types and examples of serious misconduct violations that may result in separation from the UW-System:

  • Victimizing others (battery, sexual assault, stalking, and harassment).
  • Compromising their own or others' health or safety (battery; sexual assault; arson; severe or repeated alcohol policy violations, including hosting house parties, providing alcohol to minors, or operating a vehicle while intoxicated; selling or using illegal drugs; possession of a weapon).
  • Poor citizenship (theft, vandalism, giving false information, failing to abide by restrictions imposed by an earlier disciplinary action)
  • Violations under Chapter 18