Behavior Intervention Team

Behavior Intervention Team

The mission of the Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is to promote a safe and healthy learning environment at UW-Stout by detecting, assessing and providing early intervention to students whose behavior raises concern for serious health and safety risks to themselves or other members of the campus community.

The BIT will provide collaborative consultation and develop strategies to address concerns regarding students’ well-being or behavior that is potentially harmful to self and/or others or is disruptive and/or threatening. 

Team Members

  • John Achter, Associate Dean of Students (Chair)
  • Sandi Scott Duex, Dean of Students
  • Chief Lisa Walter, University Police
  • Jeanne Rothaupt, University Counseling Center
  • Ann Marie Hoffman, University Housing
  • Janice Lawrence-Ramaeker, University Student Health Services
  • Nate Kirkman, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Kara James, Disability Services
  • Justine Larsen, University Counseling Center
BIT Distress Guide
Report a Concern


Dean of Students
130 Bowman Hall

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Call: 715-232-1181
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