The majority of students at UW-Stout will complete their education without pursuing a complaint against another student, a staff member or the university.  However, if you believe you have a reason to file a complaint, the university is obligated to listen.  UW-Stout has established procedures to respond to student complaints in a fair and equitable manner.  

If you have a complaint, please follow the process below.

Actions You Can Take

Complaints Related to Conduct of Classes, or Other Course Matters:

  1. Address the complaint(s) with the course instructor.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, or if you are uncomfortable confronting the instructor, take the complaint to the chair of the appropriate academic department.
  3. If the resolution is not achieved there, contact the appropriate academic dean or director.
  4. Please contact the Dean of Students Office (715-232-1181) for advice and guidance related to complaints.

Complaints Related to Course Grades:

  1. Address the complaint(s) with the course instructor with documentation of the error.
  2. If the instructor determines that the grade should be changed, s/he takes appropriate action.
  3. If the instructor maintains that the grade is accurate, you may submit a written request to the Department Chair for mediation.
    1. If the instructor then determines grade change should be made, s/he takes appropriate action.
    2. If the instructor and chair maintain the accuracy of the grade, you may file a written request for a hearing with the Dean of Students Office.

Please also review UW-Stout's Grade Change Policy.

Complaints Related to University Staff:

  1. Address the complaint(s) with the individual involved.
  2. If resolution is not achieved there, you may then bring the matter to the Dean of Students Office (715-232-1181) for assistance. 
  3. Students who believe they have been victim of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex (gender), religion, national origin, age or physical disability should inform the Human Resources Office (Room 203 Administration Building, 715-232-2149) or use the Employee Relations Complaint Form.

Complaints Related to Behaviors of Other Students:

  1. For behavior that is criminal in nature or immediately threatening, please contact University Police (Room 110 University Services, 715-232-2222).
  2. For other complaints regarding behavior by students, contact the Dean of Students Office (715-232-1181).
  3. Non-emergency complaints about student behavior may also be reported using the Student Conduct Reporting Form.


Dean of Students
130 Bowman Hall

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Call: 715-232-1181
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