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How do I use ImageNow?

Log in to the WebNow system. You can use the link in the automated email you received from the system, or ... [Read more >]

... you can go to the UW-Stout homepage (, click “Logins” at the top, and select “WebNow” from the second column on the Logins page. Use your full UW-Stout email (you MUST include the part or it will not let you log in) as your username and your regular Stout password as the password.

Check all the documents by double-clicking on them and make sure that the proposal looks the way you want it to look.

Find the file labeled “Transmittal Form.” You will need to stamp on page 2 of the form (there should be an arrow at the bottom of the screen when you have the form open that will let you move on to page 2).

Stamp by clicking the icon that looks like an old-fashioned rubber stamp in the top toolbar of the screen, then click again above the line with your name on it. Your stamp should appear. This counts as your official electronic signature.

Close all the documents—this is very important. You should have nothing open except the main WebNow screen that lists all the documents.

When you are looking at the main list screen, there should be something labeled “Workflow” at the top of the screen. Click that and select “Route Forward.” That will cause all the documents to disappear from your screen and it will send the documents back to me to keep routing.

If “Route Forward” pops up a list of people to send to instead of automatically sending it to me (it shouldn’t, but occasionally it does), just select my name from the list.

For additional questions about ImageNow, please contact Cheryl Kloehn.

How do I get started with my research idea?

Students interested in research should consult their program director about potential faculty advisors who can assist with the idea. [Read more >]

There are also grants specifically geared to helping faculty at the beginning of their research career. If you are not sure where to start, please contact Matthew Gundrum.

What grants are available to fund my research?

There are many funding opportunities for research, some of which are external grants offered by ... [Read more >]

... foundations, state or federal sources while others are internal grants offered from the university. UW-Stout offers grants for students and grants for faculty that promote many forms of research, and research dissemination. 

How can I find grants for my research?

UW-Stout provides faculty, staff and students with access to Pivot and Grant Search, which are ... [Read more >]

... funding databases that organize grants, scholarships, awards and other types of funding available from external funding sources, such as foundations, state and federal governments. For help with these databases, or to have Research Services conduct a search for grant money, please email Matthew Gundrum.

What if my research includes people?

All research projects must be approved through the IRB board. Please take the ... [Read more >]

online Human Subjects Training and complete and submit the IRB Protocol Form. Approval may take up to 10 business days, which means, if needed, you can apply for an extension of your project. Research cannot begin without IRB board approval.

If my research is just for a classroom project do I need IRB board approval?

Yes, IRB board approval is required if ... [Read more >]

... any of the following apply:

  • You are asking sensitive personal questions (e.g.. sexual behavior and attitudes, criminal activity, medical history, grades, etc…).
  • Participants are from a vulnerable population, which include minors, pregnant women, prisoners, cognitively impaired people and elderly.
  • Information is recorded that links an individual to the data.
  • The collected data will leave the classroom environment.
  • Participants are receiving financial compensation.
  • It is the responsibility of the supervising instructor/faculty member to determine whether projects are subject to review. If there are questions regarding these requirements, please contact Matthew Gundrum.

Can I pay research participants?

Yes, but there is a specific procedure for paying research participants. [Read more >]

The Primary Investigator (PI), whether that person is a faculty member or student, is responsible for understanding this process. Research participants should not be paid until after the research project is completed. Find out more about the specific procedure here >

What if my research includes animals?

The IACUC committee monitors and regulates the use of animals in research to ... [Read more >]

... prevent abuse. For this reason, staff and faculty are encouraged to contact Matthew Gundrum if their research involves animals.

How do I know if what I am doing is classified as research?

Research is broadly defined as a systematic investigation designed to develop or ... [Read more >]

... contribute to generalizable knowledge. This includes the creative pursuits that are characteristic of the arts and humanities. For specific definitions of research, please contact your department chair or faculty advisor. 

Is there money for students to present their research at conferences?

Yes. UW-Stout student grants include funding for conference presentations through a ... [Read more >]

... traditional dissemination grant.

In addition, UW-Stout offers faculty grants that fund research dissemination that occurs with students. Faculty advisors can apply with their students to receive money to present research at conferences by applying for a Traditional Professional Development Grant.

Who owns the patent on my research?

According to UW-Stout Policy 86-48, “When such inventions or discoveries are produced as an assigned duty, the institution shall ... [Read more >]

... own all rights and receive all royalty of licensing fees except where contrary agreements have been reached between the inventor and the Chancellor, or his or her designee, prior to initiation of the work. Whenever patentable inventions or discoveries are produced with extra mural support, the agreement with the extra mural sponsor shall be considered in determining the ownership rights of the parties.” Find the UW-Stout Policy 86-48 here >>.

How do I get a patent?

According to UW-Stout Policy 86-48, inventors are required to prepare ... [Read more >]

... a written disclosure. This disclosure must be sent to the appropriate department chair, dean and to Research Services. If the invention was made in connection with an extramurally sponsored research project, the Office of Research Services will forward a disclosure to the sponsor. Following a review of the salary and grant support of the inventor, the Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Student Life Services will notify the inventor concerning rights and options.
Anyone affiliated with the UW System may also receive patent help from WiSys Technological Foundation. The WiSys patent primer brochure identifies key steps in the patent process. 

Can I sign a Memo of Understanding (MOU)?

No. Memos, letters or other agreements of understanding are considered ... [Read more >]

... contracts. The University does not accept liability for any agreement signed by an un-authorized signee. 

What is a contract?

A contract is any form of agreement that creates an obligation for the university. UW-Stout encourages ... [Read more >]

... the use of its own standard templates, since the templates contain the terms and conditions that the University can agree to and sign. In the event that the sponsor wishes to use their own form, Research Services, in consultation with the agency and with UW-Stout and System staff, will review the document to ensure that the University can agree to the terms and conditions.

Please do not sign any contract. Contact Nancy Brody if you are not certain whether a document constitutes a legally binding contract.

What is an affiliation agreement?

An affiliation agreement is made between a sponsor such as a clinic, hotel or hospital and ... [Read more >]

... the University to allow students to participate in an internship or other educational experience at the sponsor location. Please do not start any internship or practicum without an affiliation agreement. Your program director can help you start this process. If there are additional questions, please contact Nancy Brody