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Elizabeth Buchanan
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
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Faculty Grant Deadlines

If a due date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, proposals will be due on the following Monday.

Research Incubator Grant
April 1

Research Initiative Grant

November 1

Traditional Development Grant - 4 Cycles in FY 2017
July 1, October 1, Jan. 1,  & March 1

Online Teaching Professional Development Grant
Four weeks prior to the activity

Please use the budget sheet when formatting your proposal.

Finding money to support your research begins here. No matter where you are in the process, we offer support. Whether that means helping you find additional grant funding opportunities, or providing help with the grant application process, our purpose is to assist in the pursuit of research, scholarly, and creative activities by:

  • Identifying New Funding Sources
  • Developing Grants and Contracts
  • Promoting Student Research
  • Ensuring Ethical Research


As the central service unit for research endeavors, our office staff provides assistance from the initial research idea to the proposal submission and much more. Services include:

Assistant Applying for Grants, Contracts & Agreements

Research Services specializes in support for internally and externally funded grants, international agreements, affiliation agreements and confidentiality/nondisclosure agreements. This service includes:

  • Initial consultation and follow-up throughout the preparation process
  • Searches for new funding sources
  • Location and completion of the required forms
  • Assistance with agency requirements
  • Proposal preparation and submission, including: writing/editing, review of outlines or drafts, budget development and preparation, regulatory agency compliance and timely submission to agency.

Consent Forms & Guidelines for Ethical Conduct of Research

Research Services ensures the ethical conduct of research involving humans or animals with the administration and coordination of IRB and IACUC policies and procedures.

Processing Gifts of Money and Gifts In Kind

Research Services coordinates donations to the university, such as the acceptance of equipment, supplies or property and gifts of money.

Grant Writing Workshops and Mini-Workshops on Specific Programs

Our office hosts workshops to educate faculty, students and staff on grant writing and funding research, including funding database operation.

Graduate Assistant on Loan

The office of Research and Sponsored Programs offers an opportunity for faculty members to request help with their research from our GAs. To request this help please send an email to Elizabeth Buchanan ( or Matthew Gundrum (

1. In 50-100 words, please describe the project that you are requesting a GA for. - What specific work would you like the GA to do for your project?

2. Please describe a list of skills, knowledge, or abilities that the GA needs to complete your project.

3. What is the timeline of your project (wide scope)? What is the timeline for the GAs work? Are there any deadlines for the GA portion of the work?

4. Expected GA time commitment for your project: Hours/Week: Total:

5. What other expectations do you have for the GA that are not prompted through these series of questions? Please explain any necessary expectations for the final product/outcome of the project if it was not prompted through these series of questions.