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Funding Databases

Pivot and Grant Search are databases that catalog various forms of funding opportunities, such as grants, scholarships, fellowships and monetary awards. While some local external grants may appear on these databases, funding from many smaller, local foundations may not. If searches are not providing usable results, please contact Research Services for assistance with funding searches and utilizing these databases. 


Pivot is a widely-used funding database that allows for sharing, tracking and organizing funding opportunities. Pivot database editors create faculty profiles, which means your profile may already exist. Claim your profile in order to edit publications, research interests and other information that Pivot uses to provide customized funding opportunities. An updated and claimed profile helps maximize usability features, such as tracking potential funding opportunities and receiving updates regarding any deadline or other changes to that potential funding.

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Using Pivot

UW-Stout subscribes to Pivot, which means users who are within the university’s IP range will see a different login page than users who are outside of that IP range. Faculty and students without an account will need to create a Pivot account.

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Grant Search

The Grant Resource Center (GRC) is a unit of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). UW-Stout subscribes to GRC, providing access to Grant Search and various publications that list research funding opportunities. 

Using Grant Search
GRC restricts access to usernames and passwords to ensure only subscribers are utilizing that information. Please contact Research Services to obtain the GRC login and password information. GRC offers a Grant Search User Guide that explains the type of searches a user can perform as well as providing search tips and explanations for common terminology.