Take a Course at UW-Stout Tuition Free!


Wisconsin residents who are 60 or older (as of the first day of class) are eligible to audit a class free of tuition.

Seniors that would like to audit a class pay only for textbooks and special course fees. 

Textbooks costs can range from $5-$9
Special course fees can range from $5-$220

For more information on fees, go to the Student Business Services website

To Qualify for Senior Citizen Audit 

  • Must be 60 or older by the start date of class
  • Must be a Wisconsin resident
  • Must be in a non degree-seeking program such as undergrad special or grad special 

Please Note 

  • All credits taken must be for audit
  • International study and customized instruction are not included
  • Instructor must give approval. (Approvals will only be given if there are vacancies in the class. Degree-seeking students have priority.)

How to Apply

  • Call Vicki (715) 232-2485 or Darci (715) 232-5167, email ( or stop by the Registration and Records Office (109 Bowman Hall) for an application 
  • Complete and return the application form to the Registration and Records Office (109 Bowman Hall)
  • Pay fees at the Student Business Services Office (125 Administration Building) within two weeks of the start of the term.
  • Go online and complete the Fee Payment Agreement
  • If you have difficulty completing the FPA form online, please contact the Student Business Services office for assistance at 715-232-1656 or stop into their office on the first floor of the Administration Building, Room 125, on campus and they can assist you with the form. 


Contact Us

Registration and Records Office

Address: 109 Bowman Hall
Vicki: (715) 232-2485
Darci: (715) 232-5167
Fax: (715) 232-2436
Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 4:30pm

Student Business Services

Address: 125 Administration Building
Phone: (715) 232-1656
Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 4pm

One Senior Citizen Talks about her Experience

I enjoyed everything about my Art History class. my professor, Laurentia McIntosh, made the art world come alive. The value of auditing a class is that I was in a class I wanted to take, there was no pressure to take tests or write papers and I could just enjoy learning about art. Being with the young students gave me a new look at life on campus. It has been exactly 50 years since I was a freshman in college. I will be taking more classes and encouraging my friends to join me in this adventure. I am delighted that the university reaches out to seniors to enrich our lives with this program.

~ Sandee