The following information is provided for campus informational purposes only. While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of these drawings, the Facilities Engineering department recommends that the user verify them for current credibility. Please report any inaccuracies.

Campus Maps

  • Campus Map [PDF] (general campus map) A sheet showing buildings, parking lots, and streets.
  • Campus Detail Map [PDF] (very detailed area map) A sheet showing curbs & sidewalks, retaining walls, parking stalls, utilities and more.

Floor Plans

Listed is each building, along with a Room Report that lists the buildings room numbers, room size (square feet.), and room usage.


Administration Building


Applied Arts

Bowman Hall

Child & Family Study Center

Communication Technologies


Fleming Hall

Fryklund Hall

General Services Building


Harvey Hall

Heating Plant

Heritage Hall

Hovlid Hall

Jarvis Science Wing

Jarvis Science Wing Addition

Jarvis Technology Wing


Louis Smith Tainter House

McCalmont Hall

Memorial Student Center

Merle M. Price Commons

Micheels Hall

Millennium Hall

North Hall

North Point Dining & Fitness Center

Red Cedar Hall

Recreation Complex

Robert S. Swanson Library & Learning Center

South Hall

Sports & Fitness Center

Student Health Center

University Services

Vocational Rehabilitation

Wigen Hall

Williams Stadium

Revision History

Below are three revision history sheets telling about the drawing updates:

Contact Information

Facilities Engineering
Contact Mike McCluskey with questions, concerns, or for information regarding Building Plans & Maps.