• All university key requests must be submitted on a Key Request Form to the Key Control Center.
  • These forms should be submitted through ImageNow.
  • All key requisitions MUST be approved by the individual's supervisor and by the Building Supervisor before they can be processed by the Key Control Center.  Incomplete forms will routed back.
  • Keys must be personally signed for by the individual obtaining them.
    • There is no deposit required by any UW-Stout Faculty, Staff or Students. Only outside contractors and non university employees are required to make a deposit for university keys.
    • When departing from the university, all keys must be returned to the Key Control Center. If keys are lost or not returned, a fee will be charged to the department. There will be additional charges for any rekeying needs (see UW-Stout Administrative Procedure #10)

Please contact the Campus ID Office (x-3686) for card access needs.


Campus Keys - Daily Check Out Procedure

Effective April 1st, 2013:

***This only applies to contractors, staff, or students doing work on a day-to-day basis on campus who need keys and check them out from the Physical Plant front desk. Keys will not be issued for doors that have card access. All other key sign out procedures remain unchanged.

Campus keys daily check out procedure update:

The Physical Plant's Key Control Office will now require an e-mail or phone request from a supervisor prior to any campus keys being checked out for daily use. An e-mail can be sent to keycontrol@uwstout.edu, or a phone call can be made to x2200 for the request. Please include the following information:

  1. Staff, Contractor, or Business name
  2. Date and approximate time the key will be issued
  3. Buildings, room numbers, and areas they will need access to
    1. specify if the room is an electronic, mechanic, technology or general room so the correct key is given

When the keys are checked out we will also require a copy of a current photo ID (Driver's license, employee/student ID) to keep on record until the key/keys has been returned to the Key Control office.

Contact Information

Key Control Center
103 General Services Building
Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Telephone: 715-232-2200
E-mail: Key Control
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