The contractors on the Price Commons 1st Floor Renovation project are planning to being installation of the new 6" water service.  The sidewalk between Price Commons and North Hall will be closed for the week while work is being performed.  Staff can still enter Price Commons through the North West patio door off of Broadway.  Staff can also access central campus around the south side of Price Commons between PC and South Hall.  The following is the tentative schedule:

Monday July 16th - close sidewalk and excavate existing water service
Tuesday July 17th - shut down water (AM) and install new water service line to Price Commons
Wednesday/Thursday July 18th/19th - water sampling and awaiting all clear from water test
Friday July 20th - water back on to Price Commons


As part of the electrical work on the North Hall Renovation Project, a portion of campus will experience an electrical shutdown on July 21, 2018.  Contractors will be working on a series of primary manholes to pull the primary service out of North Hall in preparation for the new electrical service that is being put in that location.  The following buildings will be affected during the shutdown:

Buildings that will go down in the outage are as follows:
-South Hall
-Price Commons
-North Hall
-General Services
-University Services
-Administration Building
-Harvey Hall

Other buildings will go down for a short time when we re-energize include:
-Millenium Hall
-Fryklund Hall
-Comm. Tech
-Bowman  Hall

Buildings listed above that are on full emergency back-up generators will remain on through the use of the back-up generators.  The timing of the shutdown will begin around 7am on the 21st and is expected to be complete by 12:00 noon that same day, barring any complications.  Please arrange for any sensitive equipment that could be impacted by a shutdown to be backed-up or shut off for the weekend of July 21st. 

Public Employee Safety and Health

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