Follow these steps when you need existing data.

Step 1:  Search online resources

Start your data search by determining whether the information is available from resources on the Institutional Research page.

Not sure where to look? Start by searching for your topic in our list of Data Sources.

Step 2:  Contact your Data Lead

If you don't find the data you need via the Institutional Research page, contact your unit's Data Lead for help.

Find your Data Lead

Step 3:  Ask your Data Lead to submit a Data Request

If your Data Lead doesn't find the data you need, ask your Data Lead to submit a Data Request.

Requests from outside UW-Stout

For requests from outside UW-Stout, student directory information is available for a fee for service basis.  Please submit your student data record request and pay the $100 dollar fee online here.

Interested in becoming or nominating a Data Lead? Read the Data Lead position description.

Data Acquisition Process

Data acquisition process flowchart