Leadership 101: Communication, Emotional Intelligence and Problem Solving

A Session of UW-Stout LDI's Series: Enhancing Your Leadership Skills
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Enhancing your Leadership Skills – This is a three part seminar facilitated by Dr. Marya Wilson and is available for all levels of employees and leaders who want to learn, refresh, renew, and grow their critical leadership skills.  This series focuses on Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and Problem-Solving, because organizations need to see these skills enhanced for all employees in their organizations for continued success and growth.

Communication is key in creating trust and strong, growth-filled organizations.  This session will discuss the three types of communications, organizational communication styles, and hands-on activities to practice and develop increased skills.

Emotional Intelligence is a key skill of great leaders.  However, EI is such a strong competent of strong teams and organizations.  This session will focus on the multiple areas of emotional intelligence, how it plays a part in trust and relationship building within your organization, as well as interactive practice of EI skills.

Problem Solving is making decisions and solving problems in the workplace and is not just a key component for leaders, but for all employees.  Participation in this session will provide an insightful and interactive session around decision-making, critical thinking, and the abilities to solve problems and situations in the workplace.  This session will provide interactive work in problem solving.

To be determined  |  8:00 am to 4:00 pm

$200.00 per  attendee

University of Wisconsin-Stout 
Memorial Student Center
Birch Room




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