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This title and its shorter version, Etc., refers to the Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center’s (NTLC) Educational Training Content modules. As you interact with the modules, you will find them to be Engaging, packed with Teaching insights, Enriching, full of valuable Resources, and containing thought-provoking Activities. If you put all those words together, you have ETCetera and a wealth of information and ideas to explore.

To participate in applied discussion of these modules, you are invited to attend the ETCetera Dialogue Sessions.

The idea for the ETCetera modules was initiated in 2016 and throughout the coming year, a dozen modules were created, with additional ones being brainstormed. Each module is comprised of a content writer and in most cases, 2 to 6 short supportive videos created by faculty representing a broad range of disciplines and teaching strategies. These modules are linked with additional resources and are intended for new and seasoned instructors alike. The following topics were generated from a department chair survey and include:

  • How People Learn 
  • Course Coherence
  • Syllabi Development
  • Backward Design
  • Assessment
  • Creative Lesson Planning
  • Face-to-Face Teaching
  • Online Teaching Strategies
  • High Impact Practices
  • Critical Thinking
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Undergraduate Student Research
  • Universal Design for Learning (Under Construction)
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ETCetera Dialogue Sessions

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Approximately fifty instructors from CACHSS, CSTEMM and CEHHHS provided a generous outpouring of knowledge, creativity and commitment in producing the modules. As you go through them, their enthusiasm for teaching is infectious! The instructors included:


Byron Anderson
Genesea Carter
Kevin Drzakowski
Kate Edenborg
Jim Handley
Jerry Hui
Glenda Jones
Jerry Kapus
Leni Marshall
Mitch Ogden
Peter Olson
Keif Oss
Julie Peterson
Daniel Ruefman
Holly Teuber
Kate Thomas
Kim Zagorski


Devin Berg
Seth Berrier
Jim Burritt
Dick Herling
Monika Herrmann
Arthur Kneeling
Bill Kryshak
Laura McCullough
Steve Nold
Dave Plum
Mayra Wilson
Keith Wojciechowski
Todd Zimmerman


Julie Bates-Maves
Melody Brennan
Urs Haltinner
Emily Hines
Carol Johnson
Terri Karis
Jill Klefstad
Virginia Lea
Chelsea Lovejoy
Susan Manning
Kevin Mason
Brian McAlister
Mike Mensink
Deanna Schultz
Matt Simoneau
Tiffany Smith
Debbie Stanislawski
Sylvia Tiala
Amy Zimmerman


Cory Mitchell
Jessy Polzer

It often takes a village to create and implement truly meaningful projects, this is no exception. Expertise and project guidance was provided by Jamison Patrick at UW-Stout Online and his outstanding students, David Anthony, Shannen Domecq and Megan Daniels who created the modules, magically bringing together content, videos and visuals. Support from Jamison’s supervisor, Renee Chandler, was extremely appreciated. 

In addition, the videography skills of Ed Jakober and the LMS expertise provided by Learning Technology Services in housing the completed modules were invaluable. Funding was provided by the Chancellor's Fund for Teaching Excellence and Student Success.

For more information or just to talk about the module content, please contact Renee Howarton, NTLC Director, at or call us at 715-232-5196.