Departmental Software Purchases

Departments may purchase software from Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog (WISC) or other vendors under the terms established and enforced by Purchasing and Procurement Management. License adherence and maintenance renewals remain the responsibility of the purchasing department.

Personal Software Purchases for Faculty and Staff

Please visit our KnowledgeBase for information on personal software purchases for faculty and staff. 

Personal Software Purchases for Students

Please visit our KnowledgeBase for information on personal software purchases for graduates. 

Many software applications are available for installation on all UW-Stout-owned computers. The current version of Microsoft Office is installed by default. Many titles can be installed independently on campus-owned Windows computers using our Application Catalog. Also available are many Keyserved titles. UW-Stout takes advantage of concurrent licensing for many software titles using a product call Keyserver. Concurrent licensing allows users to share a fixed number of software licenses. Under this type of licensing arrangement, software can be installed on any number of computers, provided that the actual usage of an application does not exceed the number of licenses owned. Eligible software titles require either an on-campus network connection or a VPN-connection from off-campus.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Some services when used away from the campus network require an active internet connection and a VPN connection to UW-Stout. KeyServer applications, software tutorials and mapped network drives all require that the user first connect via VPN.
How to install VPN


Software Training

lynda logoSoftware training is available to UW-Stout faculty, staff, and students free-of-charge via