Our Services

We provide a server hosting service for Individual departmental needs. Your servers will reside in the University’s Datacenter and will be monitored around the clock. We will perform all backups, manage the upgrades to operating systems, and coordinate the resolution of hardware problems. Your departmental designee retains support of application systems and databases.

Maintenance Periods

All new servers and/or changes to existing servers will be performed in maintenance periods during winter or summer break. All requests for additions or changes must be received sixty days prior to one of the predefined maintenance periods. All hardware, software and licensing must be obtained and delivered thirty days prior to one of the predefined maintenance periods.

The procurement of hosted servers will be done under the direction or the server team and be retained for the support life cycle of the machine at which time they will be replaced. Existing servers will not be transitioned to hosting. Virtual Servers will be provided at an annual rate.

Submit a Request

To request server hosting, please fill out the Server Hosting Request form and submit it to the server team. Upon the submission of the request the server team will review your request and respond to you within 10 business days.

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