Using Data to Assess, Evaluate, and Plan

University personnel require data in order to assess, evaluate, and plan. However, it isn't always clear where the data can be found, who can get at it, how it is accessed and how to interpret it accurately.
Student information is collected at the time of application and stored in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (AccessStout). Much of that data is subsequently collated and stored for end-user access in the data warehouse, Reporting Data Store (RDS). Each evening data is loaded into the RDS where it can be readily accessed using query tools. Current, historical and data collections, e.g. data related to applications, are available.

Additional Data Warehouses

There are also two additional data warehouses available for use. These systems are not administered here at UW-Stout and may require additional access requests.

  • General ledger, PO, budget and expenditure data is available via WISDM (Wisconsin Data Mart)

  • Budget and personnel data is available via InfoAccess and HRS EPM (Enterprise Performance Management)

How Do I Get Access to the Data Warehouse?

All who have been given appropriate authorization can request access to any of the data warehouses mentioned above. Self-service reporting can be done at no charge utilizing the resources available on this site, including the Query Library that houses commonly-used queries and reports. The campus-wide supported query tool used to access data in any of the warehouses is the Interactive Reporting Work Space (currently Hyperion Interactive Reporting v11.1.1.4).

Data Leads

"Data Leads" are designated power users of Interactive Reporting and the RDS data that can help get specific data for a particular college, unit, or office. If you are new to reporting, the data lead for your area is a good place to start. The Data Lead webpage provides information on the program as well as links on how to get additional information.


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