UW-Stout is currently using the Datatel 'Colleague' system for their student information processing along with the Datatel Financials and Human Resource modules. UW-Stout will transition from the Datatel 'Colleague' student information system to the Oracle 'PeopleSoft Campus Solutions' student administration software. Modules included are: Campus Community and Academic Structure, Admissions and Recruitment, Student Records, Financial Aid, Student Financials, and Academic Advisement.

Initial planning started in May 2007 with full implementation of the software application to be in the Fall of 2009. A Readiness Assessment to identify issues which must be addressed and a Fit-Gap to develop a comprehensive project plan are part of insuring success of the project

Currently, Oracle PeopleSoft Financials (Shared Financials) has been fully utilized since July 2007 and there are future plans for an Oracle PeopleSoft Human Resources implementation for the entire UW-System. This would mean that all of UW-Stout's administrative applications would be using the UW-System Common Systems suite of software applications.

Project Meeting Minutes

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Project Newsletters

PeopleSoft Newsletter May 2008

Project Information

AccessStout FAQ's
PeopleSoft Sponsor/Team Descriptions
PeopleSoft Project Milestones
2007 Letter from the Chancellor - Conversion to PeopleSoft


Project Team

Jeff Ohvall - EIS, Project Manager
Scott Correll - (P) Records and Registration
Julie Pichler - (P) Admissions
Linda Young - Admissions
Tricia Aspen - Provost Office
Rick Olson - (P) Student Business Services
Kathy Retz - Student Business Services
Kathy Ripienski - (P) Financial Aid
Beth Boisen - Financial Aid

Technical Team 

James Sandomierski - DBA/System Administrator
Kathy Pattison - Modifications Developer
Jen Chapek - Modifications/RDS Developer
Shane Webb - Modifications/RDS/DW Developer
James Williams - Modifications Developer

Project Sponsors

Doug Wahl - CIO
Jackie Weissenburger - Provost
Glendali Rodriguez - Vice Chancellor of Administration and Student Life Services