Our Mission

LIT is UW-Stout's steward of technology in support of education. We are committed to providing and maintaining secure, high-quality, reliable, and flexible solution in alignment with UW-Stout's mission and vision.

Core Values

We value people, our staff and the people we serve, through:

  • Customer Service -- Anticipating and responding to our customer needs
  • Communication -- Building a collegial and trusting environment through open, honest, and ongoing dialog
  • Collaboration -- Creating appropriate solutions, placing decision-making where it belongs
  • Partnership -- Committing their resources along with ours to use and support information technology
  • Innovation -- Researching advances in technology and applying them across the University
  • Leadership -- Guiding the campus as our technology landscape evolves


Education and technology serving people.


  • Foster an environment that promotes effective internal and external communication.
  • Create models of collaboration to work with the campus community that leverage resources and address priorities.
  • Provide reliable, secure, customer-focused delivery of services to the campus community.
  • Research, review, and evaluate technology for effectiveness and efficiency to support the goals of the University.
  • Provide leadership, guidance and support to the campus in technology implementation and utilization to effectively enhance teaching, learning, research and administrative outcomes.
  • Develop inclusive support structures for project management.