Account Activation

Account activation creates the credentials (username and password) you'll use to log into campus systems such as email (Windows Live), Learn@UW-Stout and Access Stout.

  • Email Address - UW-Stout student email addresses are username+'' ( Student email accounts are hosted by Microsoft Live (Hotmail).
  • Password - A single password serves for all campus systems. Students do have the ability, should they so wish, to change their Windows Live (Hotmail) password from within that account; this will not change the password for any other campus systems. Forgotten passwords can be reset at our password help page.

Wireless and connectivity

eStout/Laptop eligibility

Students receive a laptop computer, backpack and a variety of cords/accessories as well as software, wireless and wired connectivity on campus, a course management systems, service and support, training, network storage, email, web page space, and multimedia classrooms

laptop campus outside

Labs and Library

A number of labs and library resources are available for student use.

Software for Personal Use

Students who are enrolled for the current semester are eligible to buy software from the Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalogue (WISC) at substantial discounts. Enrollment in previous or future semesters does not qualify for WISC purchases. Eligibility begins the first day of the enrolled semester and ends on the final day. Enrollment for previous or upcoming semesters does not qualify for purchasing from the WISC site. In-progress (IP) credits do not qualify a student for WISC purchases.

Learn@UW (D2L) Course Information

  • Find answers to Learn@UW (D2L) questions here.