Account Activation

Account activation creates the credentials (username and password) you'll use to log into campus systems such as email (Windows Live), Learn@UW-Stout and Access Stout.

Wireless and connectivity

Network storage

Available at a rate of $20 annually per 3GB. The Stout file store, StoutFS, includes access to a personal share (traditionally M:), department share (S:), and University share (O:). Some individual departments do maintain their own departmental file shares. To request access to StoutFS, please create a Self-Service ticket with the Technology Help Desk.


Backup is the responsibility of the user. It is recommended that users backup to either a network resource or external device files of value including, but not limited to:

  • Documents, files, pictures, media
  • Email stored on local drives (Windows computers using Outlook store these as *.pst files)
  • Internet favorites
  • Desktop items

Need Help with Technology


Mobility/Mobile Devices

Users of smart phones and similar devices on campus are reminded of the risks involved when using mobile devices to access potentially sensitive data, such as campus email. We encourage users to enable the password-lock feature available on most devices. An unlocked, lost phone could represent a significant data security breech. Please be aware that the Technology Help Desk cannot assist with personal handheld devices beyond providing the necessary information to connect to the campus e-mail system.


Our campus utilizes Learn@UW-Stout (D2L) as our Learning Management System. New instructors must return their signed contract to Human Resources and activate their UW-Stout email account to be integrated into Learn@UW-Stout. Learn@UW-Stout accounts are created utilizing our Human Resources ERP system.


Check out our New Faculty and Staff Technology Orientation checklist in the
Technology Help Desk KnowledgeBase!