Laptop Transfer Program

An eStout student officially graduating* with an eStout undergraduate degree may have an opportunity to receive a laptop at no additional cost upon graduation; this is called the Laptop Transfer Program. 

Students who have participated in the eStout Program with a minimum of 32 qualifying credits and are officially graduating from UW-Stout with an eStout undergraduate degree may be eligible to participate in the program.  

How will I be contacted?

The University will contact eligible students during the term that the student has applied for graduation and inform them of the program application process and deadlines. Currently, approved graduating eStout students will be able to have the ownership of a two-year old computer transferred to them at no additional cost.

If a student does not graduate when planned, the Laptop Transfer Agreement is void. 

*Officially Graduating means the successful completion of ALL program requirements for an eStout undergraduate degree by the end of the term after which a student plans to graduate (this includes: co-op, internship, field experience, student teaching and any other requirements not completed).

Laptop Transfer Program Information

Under the term in which you are officially graduating click on the link that applies to your laptop's return year (located on the bottom of your assigned laptop).  

Spring 2018 Graduating UG Students

Summer 2018 Graduating UG Students