Parking Services

Parking on the UW-Stout campus is regulated throughout the entire calendar year.
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Parking on the UW-Stout campus is regulated throughout the entire calendar year, and any parking must comply with the guidelines established in the documents on this website.  All legitimate parking must be authorized by Parking Services by permit, meter, posted time limit, or phone authorization.

Parking information must be obtained from Parking Services.  Incorrect information provided by another source is not considered a valid defense of a parking violation.

Please view parking updates on a regular basis to avoid receiving a parking citation while parking on the UW-Stout campus. All updates and news will be featured below.


COMING JULY 2019 – New Electronic Pay Stations

Police & Parking Services will be placing six new Luke II pay stations around campus.  These pay stations will replace approximately 90 coin operated meters that are currently located in lot 14 and lot 18.  They feature cash and card payment options with an extend by phone feature.  Continue to check our website for new short-term parking options and regulations coming soon.

2019-20 Parking Permits

2019-20 parking permits go on sale July 9, 2019.

NOTE:  Residence hall students must be signed up for classes and have their housing assignment before purchasing a permit.

Summer 2019 Permits

Summer permits, valid now thru August 15, 2019, are available for $45.00.  If the type of permit you need is not available to you on the Parking Portal please come into the Parking Office to purchase a permit.

Temporary Permits

If a residence hall student or visitor in need of a parking permit arrives on campus Sunday when the Parking Office is closed, call 715-232-2222 X-1 and ask for the UW-Stout officer on duty to call you back and direct you where to park.  Monday morning you must come into the Parking Office prior to 9 a.m. to purchase a temporary permit.  The Parking Office opens at 7:45 a.m.