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Room Size and Layout

The plans below show the general layout and dimensions. Individual halls vary slightly from this standard. We are unable to accommodate requests for specific room measurements. Two adjustable bed lofts are available in each room. A futon needs to be 79 inches or less to fit within the loft frame.

Double Room Layout Triple Room Layout
Hansen, Keith, Milnes & Chinnock Hansen, Keith, Milnes & Chinnock

*Extended double rooms are the size of a triple room, they house two people with two sets of furniture.

Floor Breakdown

HKMC is an FYE building, which means only first-year students live here. HKMC is also home to additional residential communities and living options, such as:

  • Single-gender communities
  • First-Year Experience Honors Living Community

HKMC Namesake

H.M. Hansen taught wood-working and cabinetry for 40 years.

Floyd Keith was a 38-year instructor of welding and sheet metals.

Harold Milnes was a skilled craftsman and devoted teacher for 38 years.

Dwight Chinnock initiated off-campus supervision of industrial education student teachers and also became a faculty member in Stout's Athletic Hall of Fame.