In 1846 the partners John H. Knapp, Henry L. Stout, William Wilson, and Andrew Tainter founded the Knapp, Stout Company, which then began its long and profitable career in the lumber industry, first in Wisconsin and later expanding to adjoining states.  Benefiting by superior leadership and a strategic location in Menomonie, the company withstood the financial crises of the 1870's by plowing its earnings back into large-scale timberland investments, improvements, and enlargements of its physical facilities as well as by integrating and diversifying its operations.  In 1878 the company easily made the transition from a partnership organization to a corporation, changing its name to The Knapp-Stout and Co., Company, which title it retained until its dissolution in the early years of the 20th century.

Knapp-Stout & Co.'s 50th Anniversary Millwrights at the Big Mill Knapp-Stout & Co. company office
Knapp-Stout & Co. grist mill Knapp-Stout & Co. complete layout for manufacturing lumber, shingles and flour Knapp-Stout & Co. company
The Helen Mar Logs in Lake Menomin, 1896 Wilson Creek
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