Nels Paulson

Nels Paulson is a sociologist who studies how government and non-profit organizations can better resolve environmental issues by valuing diverse human interests while working with local stakeholders to forge lasting solutions.


Chris Ferguson is a public economist who studies local public policy issues, human capital, and strategic mechanisms for implementing sustainable economic growth policies.


Tina Lee is an anthropologist who focuses on how policies are constructed and the consequences of those policies on socially and economically marginalized populations.

Innisfree McKinnon

Innisfree McKinnon is a geographer who combines qualitative methods and spatial analysis in her research to better understand how human and environmental systems interact.

Zach Raff

Zach Raff is an environmental economist who studies environmental policy. Specifically, he examines the economic efficiency of various regulatory policies, and those policies’ effects on environmental quality and labor outcomes.

Arthur Kneeland

Arthur Kneeland is an agricultural entomologist who focuses on novel techniques and technologies of sustainable agriculture systems.


Steve Nold is a microbial ecologist who uses mesocosm and whole-lake experiments to study remediation strategies that can reduce phosphorus in the Red Cedar watershed.


Matt Kuchta is a geologist who models ecological phenomena using the tools of paleoecology and geomorphology.


Keith Wojciechowski is an applied mathematician who models complex systems and develops numerical algorithms to simulate them.