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Why Temporary Employment?

  • Professional Experience 
  • Professional Development 
  • Networking
  • Get your foot in the door
  • May lead to permanent employment


What is Temporary Employment?

Temporary Employment is defined as an appointment of a person to perform a grouping of duties and responsibilities on a non-permanent, non-project basis.  A limited term appointment is restricted to 1,044 hours or less within a block of time which consists of 26 consecutive biweekly payroll periods and which ends on the anniversary date of the appointment.  Employment in a limited term position does not guarantee permanent Civil Service employment. 

Can one person work two positions at the same time?

Temporary employment employees may work on more than one appointment at a time IF the appointments are in different positions.  "Different positions" are identified by a variety of factors, such as:

  • At least 50% of the duties of the LTE position must be different from the duties of the other temporary employment position held.
  • A different classification title is appropriate.
  • A personnel movement recognized as a transfer, rather than management reassignment of duties within a work unit, would occur if the position were permanent.  Transfer occurs when the person moves without the position, i.e., the person moves but the set of duties remains.
  • Different supervisors.
  • Different program areas.
  • Different geographic locations within the employment unit, e.g. different buildings or department offices.
NOTE: A change in account code is not a factor in determining different positions. 

What does the hourly limitation mean and how are hours monitored?

The hourly limitation (1,044 during 26 consecutive biweekly payroll periods) apples to the specific temporary duties that the person is performing in an appointment.  During one year, starting from the date of employment, a person is limited to 1,044 hours in an appointment.  If the individual reaches the hourly maximum, but the position continues, the individual must be terminated and a new temporary employment position appointed. 

In other words, the hourly limitation applies to the person, not the position.

What are temporary employment responsibilities?

As an employee of the University of Wisconsin - Stout, your responsible for the following:

  • Adhering to work rules
  • Completion of a background check
  • Completion of an Essential Job Functions Test, if applicable
  • Completion of all new hire paperwork prior to start date

How does a temporary employee get paid and when get a paycheck

The hourly wage is determined by the Human Resource Office in accordance with the position's duties.  State and Federal taxes will be deducted from the temporary employee's pay based on earning and the number of exemptions he or she has claimed on the W-4 form provided upon employment.  Social Security will also be deducted.

Pay periods consist of a two week period starting on a Sunday and ending on Saturday of the following week.

If an temporary employee is required to work weekends (12:01 a.m. Saturday through 12:00 p.m. Sunday ), nights (6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.) or on holidays, he or she will receive the applicable pay differential.

How does an temporary employee become eligible for Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)?

The Wisconsin Retirement System is a program where money is set aside each pay period and invested in the retirement program.

To qualify for the WRS, a temporary employee must be appointed to work at least 600 hours per year (29% of full time) and for at least one year (365 days) OR have worked for the University for at least 600 hours in the last year and have been employed by the University, continuously or intermittently, for at least one year. 

A member of the Human Resource staff monitors this program on a continuous basis and will notify a temporary employee when he or she becomes eligible.  At the time the temporary employee becomes eligible to be in the Wisconsin Retirement System, he or she will be contacted for a benefit orientation. 

Is a temporary employee eligible for benefits?

Upon initial appointment, temporary employment employees usually are eligible only for social security, workers compensation and unemployment insurance, and certain employee-pay-all benefit programs.  Most benefits become available when and if the temporary employee qualifies for coverage under the Wisconsin System (WRS).  Temporary employees do not earn holidays, vacation, or sick leave. 

Removal from LTE Pool

If you would like your application to be removed from UW-Stout's temporary employment pool please e-mail: 

This posting does not apply to a specific current opening. Respondents to this posting will be included in Stout's temporary employment candidate pool. 


Available Positions

  • Positions may include but are not limited to: 
    • Administrative Support
    • Custodial & Facilities Services
    • Dining Services
    • Marketing & Web Design Support
    • Financial & Accounting Support
    • Customer Service


  • Hourly pay rate varies on position and is based upon experience and qualifications.

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Applications will remain on file for consideration for a period of one year from the date of submission.  Submission of materials does not guarantee consideration for future employment in openings of this type, since availability can be unpredictable and consideration competitive.