Unclassified Outside Activities Procedures

The Board of Regents requires all UW System unclassified staff (faculty, academic staff, and limited appointees) with half-time appointments or more to report annually on outside activities and interests related to their areas of professional responsibilities and for which they receive remuneration as specified in the guidelines.  Members of the unclassified staff are free to engage in outside activities, whether or not such activities are remunerative or related to staff members' fields of academic interest or specialization.  However, no member of the unclassified staff may engage in outside activity if it conflicts with his or her public responsibilities to the University of Wisconsin System or the institution at which the unclassified staff member is employed.


Complete the Outside Activities Form.  Fill in the fields online related to your activities during the last calendar year (see Reporting Guidelines).  These forms should be submitted to Human Resources no later than April 30If you have questions, contact Human Resources via AskHR.