Welcome to the UW-Stout Laboratory Safety page! 

This page is designed to provide health and safety policies and information to users of the science labs in the departments of Chemistry, Biology, Food & Nutrition and Physics, but there are references that apply to numerous campus departments and labs.

The goals of the laboratory safety program at UW-Stout are to:

  • Ensure faculty, staff and students have the resources they need to work safely in all laboratories.
  • Prevent injury and illness in the labs.
  • Maintain compliance with federal, state and campus regulations.

Chemical Safety

In this section you will find guidance on Personal Protective Equipment, Chemical Labeling and Storage, Particularly Hazardous Substance procedures and UW-Stout's Chemical Inventory System.

Biological Safety

In this section you will find guidance on Biological Safety Level 2 Areas, and safe practices in using and disposing of biohazardous materials.

Other Laboratory Hazards

In this section you will find guidance on thermal hazards including autoclave safety and cryogenic liquid handling and sharps.

UW-Stout Laboratories

In this section you will find a current listing of labs covered by the Chemical Hygiene Plan, the training requirements required to enter and/or work in UW-Stout laboratories including Card Access Procedures, procedures for working alone in lab, and our minor policies.

Laboratory Waste

In this section you will find information about waste generated in labs including hazardous waste, biohazardous waste, non-hazardous waste, sharps, batteries, lamps/bulbs, oil, and electronics.

Incident Response

In this section you will find the UW-Stout Emergency Guide, the UW-Stout Laboratory Medical Emergency Action Plan and the UW-Stout Laboratory First Aid Guide.

Research Safety Committee

In this section you will find the Research Safety Committee meeting minutes and agenda for upcoming meetings.

Emergency Guide

Contact Information

Rebecca Hoeft,
Chemical Hygiene Officer
349B Jarvis Science Wing

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