Campus Alerts and Notifications

StoutAlert: Our Emergency Alert and Notification System

StoutAlert allows university officials to send one clear message through multiple channels, including: 

  • Email 
  • Text message
  • RSS feeds on the website
  • Social media posts

All UW-Stout students, faculty and staff will be registered on the StoutAlert system.  You will have access to StoutAlert at the beginning of the term that you are registered for, or once your employment status is verified.  An informational email will be sent out once you are in the system.  Everyone will receive email alerts, via your university email account. You may not opt out of receiving these. 

To expand notification options, please login to StoutAlert and take one or all of these actions:

  • Enter additional email addresses if you wish
  • Enter additonal cell phone numbers if you wish

** This system will ONLY be used for essential, official university communications. Your cell number is not accessible, nor will it be used to text you for anything other than official messages sent through StoutAlert.

Also, receive current information by doing the following:

StoutAlert will post notifications to these pages and sites.


UW-Stout uses the RAVE emergency communications system.

Login to view or change notification preferences in StoutAlert

For More Information:

Lisa Walter, Chief
University Police