Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

UW-Stout offers an optional Four-Year Graduation Guarantee for incoming freshmen each fall. Consider the guarantee and start planning your future today!

How does it work?

University staff will work with you to set up the courses needed to meet the requirements of your program (major). If a course is not available, the university will arrange a substitute course so that you can stay on track to graduate in four years.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible if:

  • You apply during your first term of enrollment, whether fall or spring.
  • Your placement test scores have placed you into the course levels required in your declared program.

In addition, you are allowed prior college credit from another post-secondary while you were in high school.


  • You can enter the work force or move on to graduate school sooner.
  • You can save a significant amount of money on tuition and living expenses.
  • You can experience all that UW-Stout has to offer, including internships, co-ops and studying abroad.

With the four-year graduation guarantee, you will:

  • Work closely with your first year and faculty advisers, who will provide information on how to complete your degree in four years.
  • Work with your program director, who will provide a program plan and suggested eight-semester sequence to guide you.
  • Carefully plan your course schedule, one semester at a time.
  • Have a general plan for your entire four years.

Download the Four-year Graduation Guarantee brochure here.

Sign up! Here's how:

Complete the agreement and submit it by the tenth day of classes of your first term of enrollment.

Student studying outdoors on a laptop computer

There is no penalty for signing the Four-Year Graduation Guarantee. If you decide to change your major, or simply cannot complete your degree in four years, you may cancel the contract.

Four-Year Plans

To review the four-year plan for a given UW-Stout degree program, go to the Undergraduate Programs page and select a program. When you access the program website, select the "Program Plans and Curriculum" page.

Three-Year Degrees

We are now offering three-year graduation guarantees for students in: 

Learn more about the three-year graduation guarantee here.