Fostering Success 

A place for young adults to belong and succeed.

Fostering Success is a grant and donor-funded program at UW-Stout, designed to support foster youth while they attend college. The main goal is to help tackle the barriers that everyday life may place in front of you and help you to succeed in college. While most resources here address needs of foster youth, we also have resources for youth who have been homeless or orphaned (and never in foster care). Contact us!

Fostering Success offers assistance with:

  • One-on-one visits with staff
  • Negotiating campus life
  • Reference letters for scholarships, grants
  • Open doors and open minds to listen, assist or refer to best resources
  • Housing needs — even during the summer months
  • Personal and life skills support and training catering to relevant needs (cooking, money management)
  • A “linen closet” — towels, hygiene products and bedding — all new and free from program donors
  • An emergency fund for classroom and academic supplies and unplanned events (i.e. car repair)
  • Potential employment as a paid student mentor to assist with the program

Fostering Success helps middle- and high-school aged youth who have been in foster care prepare for college, too.


Pre-College Pipeline

  • Campus visits
  • Summer overnight campus experience
  • Online resources — grants, advice
  • Regional information workshops
  • Mentoring by currently enrolled former foster students
  • Assistance with completing college applications, the admission process, registering for the ACT, requesting fee waivers and exploring the financial aid process

Your UW-Stout Contacts:

Greta MunnsGreta Munns
Fostering Success Liaison


Karlie HoekstraKarlie Hoekstra

Graduate Assistant


Callie“Fostering Success has always been there to offer me a helping hand and staff members have assisted me with getting involved on campus They are also open to any kind of help you need. They are always there for support to all its members and provide a close-knit, friendly community to foster youth at UW-Stout.”

Callie, BFA in Graphic Design student