Process for Program Approval: Flowchart

Program Director / Advisory Committee
Develops a rationale for the curriculum change. Brings it to the program director for a major program, or to the appropriate department and college dean for a submajor.

Academic Plan
The academic plan provides a current and informal notification of curriculum-related developments within each unit. The academic plan is reviewed by UW System.

Dean / College
Assists in developing the change, completing formats, and in considering ramifications. Considers impact on other programs and on resource requirements. Considers relationship of program to mission of the university. The proposal is approved, modified, or rejected. Once the college dean provides approval, the documents proceed routing to the university curriculum committees.

Racial & Ethnic Studies/Global Perspective Committee
The advisory committee reviews and recommends approval to the CIC for programs submitted to meet the Racial and Ethnic Studies and/or Global Perspective graduation requirement(s). Program objectives, description and content outline should reflect the inclusion of racial and ethnic studies content. Proposers are requested to present the program to the advisory committee.

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General Education Committee (GEC)
Determines whether new or revised general education component meets the spirit of the general education requirement. Makes recommendation to the Curriculum and Instruction Committee (CIC).

Curriculum & Instruction Committee (CIC)
From the perspective of the various instructional units and degree programs, determines whether new or revised curriculum will be a quality program to meet the needs of graduates; determines whether the new or changed courses are adequate and appropriate. 

Academic Affairs Administrative Team (AAAT)
From an administrative perspective, determines whether the curriculum is in keeping with the mission of the university. Considers overall adequacy of the program, implications of budgetary requirements, and timetable for implementation. 

Provost & Chancellor
Review actions and recommendations of AAAT, approve, reject or modify the program.

Curriculum Manager
The approval documentation of the provost and chancellor are filed in the Provost's Office. Course data entry is coordinated with the Registration and Records office. Course records and files are updated.  Electronic copies are shared with the colleges and the library and then archived.

Please note: Creation or revisions of submajors and programs should route via Curriculog. Visit the CIC website to review approval timeline guidelines. Visit the Curriculum Handbook for content requirements. 

New degree programs and renaming of programs requires UW System approval and additional documentation. Contact the Provost’s Office to discuss.

Program Development Flowchart