UW-Stout's Special Course Fee Policy

Special course fees (SCF) represent charges in addition to the regular instructional fee and tuition to students enrolling in certain courses that have been approved for the assigning of such a fee. Refer to the UW System Administrative Policy SYS 825, Special Course Fees, for the guidelines for assessing special course fees. 

Click here to view a memo from UW System, outlining institutional responsibility for assessing and approval of special course fees.

If a special course fee is needed for a new course, that is to be noted on the course approval documentation that routes to the Curriculum and Instruction Committee (CIC) and the proposer needs to also generate a Special Course Fee request that routes for approval through the college budget managers, college deans and the Special Course Fee Committee. Both steps are routed via Curriculog and existing special course fees are adjusted annually through the same process.

The annual deadline for submitting new or revised course fees for existing courses is approximately October 15, and the fees take effect the following academic year. The UW System policy on course fees requires that all course fees be published in advance in the semester timetables. Fees cannot deviate from the amount that has been published. Requests that are submitted after the timetable is published may not be approved, or implementation may be delayed until the following semester. Click here for instructions on submitting a SCF request.