The Academic Affairs Administrative Team (AAAT) is advisory to the Provost and composed of the academic leadership of the Division of Academic and Student Affairs. The AAAT exists to provide recommendations to the Provost on matters concerning academic programming and instruction at the University and serves as a communication device to assure understanding of academic activities.


AAAT is an advisory body that reports to the Provost. The AAAT's recommendations are made to the Provost, who in turn makes specific recommendations to the Chancellor for final approval.


The AAAT meets the first Tuesday of each month prior to Provost's Council, as needed.


The AAAT exists

  • to advise and recommend to the Provost on matters dealing with academic and student affairs

  • as a forum for intradivisional communication among the major academic units

  • to provide division leadership in questions and issues dealing with academic programs, instruction, and assessment

  • to research best practices and recommend improvement