Chancellors Coalition

The UW-Stout Chancellor's Coalition is comprised of students, faculty and staff who are committed to safe, healthy and legal community standards surrounding alcohol and other drug (AOD) use. We serve as an advisory group: recommending, encouraging, supporting, analyzing and reporting on AOD prevention activities.

Mission >>

The mission of the Coalition is to promote a safe and healthy learning environment that encourages responsible and legal choices for alcohol and other drug use.

This mission will be achieved by:

  1. Promoting a comprehensive, coordinated and sustained approach to AOD abuse prevention

  2. Developing and communicating consistent university messages regarding AOD use

  3. Studying and recommending research-based best practices in AOD policy and programming

  4. Encouraging individuals, organizations, and offices to implement recommended strategies

  5. Maintaining broad Coalition representation and participation by students, faculty and staff

  6. Establishing and annually reviewing measurable AOD abuse prevention objectives

  7. Meeting regularly: sharing information and resources, discussing problems and challenges, and providing support for campus initiatives

Goals >>

  1. Decrease high-risk alcohol consumption (binge drinking, frequency of drinking, etc.)

  2. Decrease other drug abuse

  3. Decrease negative consequences to self, others and property- related to AOD use and abuse

  4. Promote safe, healthy, responsible and legal choices related to AOD use and abuse

  5. Represent UW-Stout as a campus that actively endorses the above values and norms

Coalition Decision-Making >>

  1. Guided by a consensus model
  2. Identify and implement global strategies

Responsibilities >>


  1. Actively participate in meetings, read publications and learn about AOD issues
  2. Review and comment on Steering Team and other Work Group recommendations
  3. Report back to your constituencies on AOD issues and prevention activities
  4. Bring your constituency’s questions, suggestions and activity reports back to the Coalition

Chair (AOD Education Program Coordinator)

  1. Convene meetings and facilitate discussion
  2. Provide expert advice for Coalition activities
  3. Work with clerical staff– writing and distributing agendas and meeting minutes
  4. Maintain Coalition member mailing list
  5. Work with Steering Team to plan Coalition meetings, training, etc.

Steering Team

  1. A small group of 3 to 5 volunteers
  2. A one or two year commitment
  3. To facilitate the functioning of the Coalition:
    • Schedule monthly meetings
    • Plan/set meeting agendas (at least 2 weeks in advance)
    • Organize coalition discussion, training, speakers, reports, etc.
    • Propose annual activities and goals
  4. To recruit, orient, encourage and guide coalition members

Dunn County Partnership for Youth >>

  1. Represent UW-Stout on community coalition
  2. Encourage implementation of environmental change strategies

Contact Information

Nate Kirkman
Assistant Dean of Students 


Jake Bloom
Counselor – AOD Coordinator


2015-16 AOD Plan (Identity Standards)