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Students can be ticketed for a variety of alcohol related citations—underage, providing, hosting, driving while under the influence or public intoxication.

University Consequences

The Dean of Students Office oversees the campus conduct system and adjudicates cases that happen on campus grounds or in campus buildings. Consequences vary and may include University probation, alcohol use assessments or suspension.

University Housing manages violations of the Housing contract. Students enter Housing’s staged system based on Blood Alcohol Level (BAL). University Police are called to issue tickets and take a BAL. Consequences may include Housing probation, educational sanctions, a campus move, contract termination and/or referral into the University Conduct system.

Athletics also sanctions student athletes for violations. Consequences may include missed games, a service project or an educational sanction.

Within all of these conduct systems, repeated violations, or serious violations, result in harsher consequences.

Civil Consequences

As students are ticketed in the residence halls, on campus grounds or in the community, they also simultaneously encounter Menomonie civic consequences.

To provide context, underage fees are:

  • 1st Offense: $263.50* & 90 day driver’s license suspension
    * Instead of the loss of driver’s license and the negative consequences that go with this loss, a person may choose to attend AAPI, DCU or AAP3.

  • 2nd Offense: $389.50 & 180 day driver’s license suspension

  • 3rd Offense: $515.50 & 360 day driver’s license suspension

Hidden Consequences

Some consequences are not seen immediately, yet include:

  • Insurance rates can increase
  • License reinstatement has a $60 fee
  • Friendships can be lost
  • A co-op, certification or job opportunity can be lost such as a teaching certificate or a construction driver’s license