Graduate Degrees:

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Master of Science (MS)

Master of Science in Education (MSED)

Professional Science Master (PSM)

Education Specialist (Ed.S.)

Doctoral Degree (EdD)


The university encourages all eligible degree candidates, faculty, and academic staff to participate in the Commencement ceremonies. Ceremony participation is voluntary and is not required for degree conferral.

Application to Graduate

Applications for Graduation must be completed through AccessStout and are due the Friday after Advisement Day each Fall and Spring term. Applications may be submitted after the deadline; however the name and degree information may not appear in the printed commencement program. Detailed Instructions are updated as technology dictates and are available on the Commencement website.

Graduate Application Fee Payment

A one time, non-refundable $100 Graduation Fee will be applied to all Graduate student accounts at matriculation. This fee will cover various costs including but not limited to: commencement ceremonies, Commencement Coordinator, Degree Audit Coordinator, commencement program, commencement reception, diploma paper, diploma covers, diploma printing, ticket printing, the Graduation Fair, and honors cordons. More information regarding this fee is available on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Dual-degree or double majors, completing both degrees during the same term, need only pay one fee. If the degrees are to be completed during different terms, the student will need to submit another application to graduate and pay the fee again for the second degree.

Commencement Ceremony Participation Eligibility Information

UW-Stout hosts commencement ceremonies twice each academic year in order to allow degree candidates to participate in a ceremony as close as possible to the time that degree requirements will be completed. As a result, some students may be eligible to participate in commencement before they have completed all academic, financial and other obligations and responsibilities requisite for degree conferral.

All students must complete an application for graduation regardless of Commencement Ceremony participation. There are two Commencement ceremony dates each academic year. Winter Commencement is held at the end of each Fall semester in December. Students who complete all requirements for their degree (including co-ops, internships, student teaching, etc.) during the Fall semester or WinTerm should participate in the Winter Commencement ceremony. Spring Commencement is held at the end of spring semester in May. Students who complete all requirements during the spring semester or summer sessions should participate in the Spring Commencement ceremony.

Ceremony Participants with Disabilities

Ceremony participants with disabilities are able to fully participate in the commencement ceremonies. The stage is accessible for individuals with mobility impairments. Ceremony Participants with mobility impairments or other needs, who require accommodation during the ceremony, must contact the commencement coordinator a minimum of 5 business days prior to the ceremony. Requests for interpreters can be accommodated provided sufficient notice has been given. Interpreter requests should be made a minimum of one month prior to the ceremony.

Diplomas and Diploma Covers

The diploma certificate is not given during the commencement ceremony. Degree candidates who participate in the ceremonies will receive a University of Wisconsin-Stout diploma cover. Degree candidates who do not participate in the ceremonies may request a diploma cover be mailed. The mailing request must be received AFTER the ceremony. The diploma certificate will be mailed approximately 6-8 weeks after final grades from the final term have been submitted and all degree and program requirements have been verified as complete. The diploma certificate will be mailed to the address listed within AccessStout.  

Diplomas will be printed by the Registration and Records office. The Diplomas on Demand software will allow flexibility within the Registration and Records office to accommodate diploma printing requests which require immediate attention.

Academic Regalia

Many colorful robes are seen at college and university graduation ceremonies. Academic regalia date to the medieval origins of the university, where most scholars were also members of religious orders. Robes were also needed in those days to keep warm.


Today’s academic robes are largely standardized, although individual universities often make exceptions. Bachelor’s, master’s, doctor’s robes are typically black, but differ in style. The bachelor’s gown has pointed sleeves, the master’s has oblong sleeves, and the doctoral gown has bell-shaped sleeves. The doctor’s gown is also trimmed in the front with black velvet, with three velvet crossbars on each sleeve.


At UW-Stout, faculty and advanced-degree graduates also wear traditional hoods. The doctor’s hood is longer than the master’s, and has a wider velvet edging. For both master’s and doctor’s hoods, the hood is lined with academic colors of the granting institution (UW-Stout’s academic colors are blue and white), and the velvet trimming marks the academic discipline of the degree.

Caps and Tassels

Mortarboard tassels for UW-Stout bachelor’s graduates re white for those being awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree, yellow for a Bachelor of Science degree. The Memorials and Honors Committee has also approved the use of rainbow colored tassels to show support of the LGBTQ community of UW-Stout. These tassels are available from the UW-Stout Bookstore.

Unapproved/Prohibited Attire

The university commencement ceremony is an academic ceremony; therefore all participants must wear traditional University of Wisconsin-Stout academic regalia.  Recommended attire is dark dress shoes and dark clothing with black gown and cap or hood. Graduates must wear shoes and other visible apparel.  Only cordons or other insignia that represent academic achievement or academic honors may be worn on the standard attire.  No other decorations, including flowers, may be worn.

Additions to Approved Academic Regalia

All proposals for additions to academic regalia to be worn during the commencement ceremonies must be approved by the Memorials and Honors Committee. There is no formal process or form to be completed to propose these changes. Each proposal is expected to include a clear memo which requests whatever a student or group of students proposes.  Where possible, some graphic representation or example of what would be worn is required.  Proposals should be sent to the Chair of the Memorial and Honors Committee.   

Grad Fair

Twice each academic year, approximately one month prior to the commencement ceremonies, the Professional Education Programs and Services office hosts a grad fair for all students eligible for graduation or commencement participation. Representatives from offices across campus will be available to provide information and answer student questions relating to graduation, commencement, fulfilling UW-Stout related financial obligations and post UW-Stout life.

The Grad fair is the first date and location for degree candidates to pick up tickets for the commencement ceremonies. Degree candidates will also have the opportunity to have staged photography taken in academic regalia. Academic regalia will be provided by the photographer for the staged photographs.

Commencement Ceremony Tickets

Graduates do not need a ticket to attend the ceremony. Each graduate will receive five (5) complimentary guest tickets. All guests, 3 years and older, are required to have a ticket to attend the commencement ceremony.  Tickets will not be replaced if lost prior to Commencement day.

Commencement Ceremony tickets are not available for sale and cannot be purchased from any source. It is unlawful to buy or sell Commencement Ceremony tickets. Persons found in violation will be charged under Wisc. Admin. Code Chapter 18.06(28) "Ticket Scalping".

If all tickets have been distributed for seating within Johnson Fieldhouse, guests that do not have tickets may view the ceremony via a closed circuit projection screen in a remote viewing area on the UW-Stout campus. The ceremony may also be viewed via live stream from the UW-Stout Commencement website, anywhere an internet signal is available.

If the degree candidate is a distance education or online student, living outside of Menomonie completing a co-op, internship or student teaching assignment, they may request their tickets be mailed. Tickets will not be mailed automatically to distance education or other off-campus students. Degree candidates must contact the commencement coordinator at and include their name, student ID number, major/degree program and mailing address. The last day to request tickets be mailed is Friday the week prior to Commencement.

Commencement Ceremony Program Booklet

Degree candidates who have applied for graduation by the application deadline will have their degree program, full name, and hometown listed in the printed program booklet. Degree candidates with FERPA restrictions will have their names excluded from the printed program unless they indicate otherwise to the Commencement Coordinator. Other degree candidates who wish to have their name excluded may e-mail with the request to have their name removed. 
Degree candidates names listed according to the diploma/program name and home town and indicated within AccessStout. If a candidate does not list a diploma/program name, their legal name as listed in AccessStout will be used.

Alcoholic Beverages

Commencement is a very distinguished occasion at University of Wisconsin-Stout.  To ensure that the commencement ceremony is a memorable experience for all participants and guests, possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages, other non-prescription drugs or tobacco is prohibited on university grounds.  Degree candidates will not be permitted to participate in commencement if in violation or under the influence of banned substances.


A professional photographer will be contracted by UW-Stout to photograph the ceremonies. Guests are requested to remain seated throughout the ceremony. Guests may not approach the stage or stand in the aisles to take photographs during the ceremony. Each degree candidate will be photographed as they cross the stage during the ceremony. Personal photographs may be taken following the ceremony in the Johnson Fieldhouse or during the post-ceremony reception within the Sports and Fitness Center. In the weeks following the ceremony, degree candidates who participated will receive a small digital proof and optional ordering information from the photographer. Ordering prints from the photographer are optional and not required of degree candidates or their guests.


Degree candidates should plan to arrive and assemble in the Sports & Fitness Center, 220 13th Avenue E, a minimum of 45 minutes- 1 hour prior to their scheduled ceremony.   Degree candidates will be directed to line up alphabetically according to their degree program and last name in MPR 50.

Reader and Major Cards

All degree candidates will be provided with a 3” by 5” note card with their name clearly printed on it.  Where needed, the degree candidate may choose to write their name phonetically, as the candidate would like it announced by the reader. The first student of any major will be given a major card to present to the reader who will announce the major.

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Ceremony Tickets

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