Special Education Cross-Categorical Certification

xcat_teacherThis add-on certification is a specially designed cohort program for teachers serving students with disabilities in cross-categorical environments. It will provide advanced study to licensed teachers and teachers eligible for a Wisconsin teaching license. In Minnesota, the program design has been approved for expansion of a current special education categorical license to include licenses in another categorical area.

UW-Stout’s program was developed in accordance with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Guidelines, the Wisconsin Ten Teaching Standards and the Council for Exceptional Children Standards.

Program Benefits

  • Training to serve students with disabilities
  • Certification designed for licensed teachers
  • Student teaching may be completed on the job
  • Courses offered at undergraduate and graduate levels

Summer 2012
SPED 471/671
Introduction to Special Education and Professional Portfolio
3 crs
SPED 473/673 Behavior Interventions and Positive Behavior Supports
3 crs
SPED 324/524
Curriculum and Instruction: Career and Transition Education
3 crs
EDUC 380/580
Reading and Language Arts in Elementary Education
3 crs
EDUC 382/582
Secondary Reading and Language Development
2 crs
Fall 2012
SPED 330/530
Introduction to Communication Disorders**
3 crs
SPED 420/620
Schools, Families and Community Collaborations**
3 crs
SPED 323/523
Mild Disabilities: Social Studies and Science 
3 crs
SPED 338/538
Pre-Student Teaching Children/Youth with Disabilities
2 crs
SPRING 2013  
SPED 301/501
Introduction to Learning Disabilities
3 crs
SPED 322/522
Curriculum and Instruction: Severe Disabilities
2 crs
SPED 326/526
Pre-Student Teaching: Cognitive Disabilities
2 crs
SPED 328/528Assessment for Individual Education/Transition Plans3 crs
SPED 440/640
Diagnosis and Remediation of Literacy and Math Disabilities
4 crs
Summer 2013
SPED 471/671Introduction to Special Education and Professional Portfolio3 crs
SPED 473/673
Behavior Interventions and Positive Behavior Supports3 crs
SPED 300/500
Introduction to Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities**
3 crs
SPED 447/647
Emotional/Behavioral Problems of Children and Adolescents**
3 crs
Plus student teaching, which often times is possible to complete on the job.

** Appropriate for students pursuing their MS Education or MS Vocational Rehabilitation degrees.

Program Director

For more information and advisement on the degree, its content and what courses transfer or satisfy degree requirements, contact:

Tony Beardsley
Phone: 715.232.1224
Email: beardsleya@uwstout.edu
Website: www.uwstout.edu/soe/postbacc.cfm/